Monkeypox Mania!


Last Wednesday, I had the amazing honor of speaking with many people whom I have come to greatly admire and respect regarding the current insanity involving a certain monkey “virus” everyone may have already heard about. The conference was expertly moderated by Alec Zeck, a writer, speaker, activist, and executive director of Health Freedom For Humanity. The panel included many brilliant health professionals who have been speaking out about the “viral” fraud since the beginning of this current “pandemic.” In an effort to get ahead of this new monkey-pox fear-campaign, we each spoke upon different aspects that have influenced this false narrative in order to dispell the lies and stamp out the panic before it begins. The topics discussed were broken up as such:

  • Dr. Tom Cowan: the distinction between believing and knowing
  • Dr. Sam Bailey:Virus Mania and the pandemic playbook
  • Mike Stone: eradication of smallpox and how it…

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